The Evolution Of Crypto Financial Management

Ultroneum project aims to bridge the cryptos with conventional finance into a coherent and complementary system, to enable use of both without any apparent deviation in the way users complete their transactions.

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What does Ultroneum offer?

A Cashless Global Multi-Financial Services Mobile Gateway where all payments and transactions can be fulfilled using both supported cryptocurrencies and supported conventional currencies as interchangeable financial instruments.

  • The backbone of a new, proposed financial platform.
  • Capable of supporting both conventional and crypto.
  • Ultroneum (XUM) Tokens - positioned as the common enabler for other cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies.
  • A Cashless Ecosystem for all individual, business transactions and exchanges.

The Ultroneum Ecosystem

Ultroneum brings a friendly approach for non-cryptocurrency consumers to adapt to virtual currency ecosystem. It does this by introducing crypto through a conventional-like financial management system. The seamless Ultroneum ecosystem becomes the unique blockchain solution for public, enterprises and government institutions.

  • Interconnecting Fiat and Crypto money system.
  • Seamless, user-friendliness and secure.
  • Peace of mind financial ecosystem.


UltroWallet is a multi-currency mobile wallet that allows you to store both fiat and cryptocurrency money. It also has core functionalities for you to do all fiat and cryptocurrency exchange, instant P2P transfer, mobile payment to UltroPay and cash-out via UltroCash. To be more friendly to you, the UltroWallet has a chat feature, e-shopping with integrated e-Marketplace as well as payment of utility bills and many others.

  • Multi-Currency Wallet.
  • Cold wallet with strong protection.
  • Backup and restore.


UltroCard which is connected directly to your UltroWallet, can be used anywhere in the world off or online at marketplace. It will give you the opportunity to spend your crypto money efficiently at any merchant around the globe. All made simple, UltroCard is the one card you will ever want to have on all your travels and adventures.

  • It can reach anywhere in the real and digital world.
  • Receive reward or discount in selected merchants.
  • Available in two types, physical and virtual card.
  • Minimum exchange rates for every transaction.


UltroPay is a smart MPOS terminal used by subscribing merchants, connected through merchant wallets. UltroPay is available to all types of businesses. This terminal can receive fiat and crypto money via UltroWallet and debit/credit card. The biggest advantage of UltroPay to merchants is that they can expand their market into the crypto community.

  • Instant payment processing via NFC and Mobile QR code.
  • Accept payments from customers in-store or anywhere in the world.
  • Low cost, hassle-free mobile payments.
  • 100% cashless system.


UltroCash is a cash-out facility connected to your UltroWallet, located at strategic locations. The biggest advantage of this facility is it provides easy access to local cash notes for your use during traveling or daily expenses. Every withdrawal using UltroCash will guarantee you a precise local currency exchange rate at a minimum fee.

  • Easy cash for local currency.
  • No card needed to cash out.
  • Available at the most strategic locations.
  • Only connected to UltroWallet.


UltroExchange allows you to trade all fiat and cryptocurrencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money, or different digital currencies. It is a trustworthy exchange that provides transparent data of coins in the cold storage.

  • Precise and real-time exchange rates.
  • Discounts on exchange to currency XUM.
  • Minimum fees.


UltroLedger is a blockchain-powered solution to clear and settle financial transactions and smart-contract applications for various sectors such as small-medium enterprises, industries, and government institutions. It consists of two modes of distributed ledgers: Permission and Permissionless ledgers. This opens the opportunity for everyone who wants to enhance their business with the advantages of blockchain technology.

  • High security and privacy.
  • The open platform of the distributed ledger.
  • A transparent process of smart contracts.


With investors' confidence we will realise all platforms of the ecosystem

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